The Challenging Horizons Program

A collaboration between Dr. Joshua Langberg at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Center for Intervention Research in Schools at Ohio University. Funded by The National Institute of Mental Health 2009 - 2014.

What is CHP?

•There are two versions of the program, an after school version and a school consultation version, which have been developed since 1999 and efforts are currently underway to determine the relative benefits of each.
•The study involves conducting a cost-benefit analysis of the after-school model of the program with the consultation model with over 300 middle school students.

CHP’s After School Program:

• Students attend the program after school ends, twice per week for the entire school year.
• Students are paired with a counselor, participate in group and individual activities designed to target skills that they may struggle with, such as organization, social skills note taking and recreation.
• The after school program offers a highly structured and rewarding environment that shapes the behavior of participants with the goal of helping them develop socially acceptable ways of meeting typical school demands.
-Research suggests that the program is effective in reducing academic impairment as evidenced by fewer missing assignments, improved organizational performance and better parent and teacher ratings of academic performance.

CHP’s Consultation Program:

• A trained consultant works in conjunction with specific teachers and/
or counselors to identify strategies that they can implement with students during the school day, which target organization, social skills, note taking and study skills.
• Consultants try to meet with the teacher and/or counselor during the school day.
• Research on the consultation version of CHP shows that the program is effective at improving teacher ratings of classroom performance.
-The program reduces the likelihood of drastically slipping grades when compared to students with ADHD who do not receive the program.


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